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What is Beerus

Beerus is a community based DeFi project which will be launched on Binance Smart Chain. Beerus aims to combine two of the most conversational topics, youtube and anime together in a form of cryptocurrency creating one of the most epic trio ever.

Beerus will be the most authoritative, powerful and influential token on the BSC Blockchain with the help of our project team, a huge marketing budget, one of the biggest youtubers on board and most importantly YOU. This little God of destruction will take over the market like a storm.

What will you get?

Beerus uses an Auto yield and liquidity generation protocol using the tax distribution system on each transaction, the protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders as Bitcoin and BnB as well as auto-locks a portion of the fees as liquidity.

Beerus Contract

Our smart contract is the most cutting edge and disruptive ever deployed, combining the best functionalities from the most successful tokens and preventing the drawbacks through innovative protocols and functions such as an anti-whale function which allows us to cap the max supply a wallet can hold at 1% of the total supply, which helps eliminate dumping from big investors.

Beerus Swap

Coming Soon

Beerus Swap


Beerus is a deflationary, decentralized currency that rewards investors for holding (BNB) and (Bitcoin) as rewards. With a continuous burn, Beerus’s value increases with every transaction.

Total Supply

100 Trillion

BUY fee

12% buy tax = 2% BNB, 2% Bitcoin, 6% marketing, 2% burn.

Sell Fee

12% buy tax = 2% BNB, 2% Bitcoin, 6% marketing, 2% burn.


Our team is working hard to acheive these milestones



Unlike most projects that claim to be “community driven”. Beerus is an actual community project. Our ideas and initiatives are received by a talented and dedicated project development team for evaluation, analysis, presentation to the community for voting, and functional implementation. We work as a single team with common aims and goals. We are resilient, determined, and strong ready to take any challenges we face.

Liquidity will be locked immediately after the fair launch for 1 year till Oct 2022 on Dxsale piece of mind ensured for all our lovely investors.

Despite being a God of Destruction, Beerus has a kind heart; Beerus believes that giving back and supporting charities and organisations with noble causes are an important aspect of the project. The community will support established and reputable organizations that help us achieve this goal. Project volunteers research potential organizations for charitable donations and then we present options to the community for voting as its a community driven project.

Yes. There will be a presale.

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